Skype is the amazing messaging app but sometimes users faces issues. To fix this issue, you should check your Skype settings and just ensure that the auto sign-in option is turned on. For details, visit to Microsoft via

Method To Resolve Skype Auto Sign in Problem on Window 10:

1. Check Skype Options Menu:

First, you have to start Skype application. Then, you need to go to Tools and then tap on Options. After this, you need to find Sign me in when Skype starts option and then just uncheck it if you wish to disable this option or you can check it if you wish to turn it on. Lastly, you need to tap on Save button in order to save changes.

2. Use Sign in with Facebook option:

Keep in mind the auto sign in button will display on the main screen if you use Sign in with Facebook option. But this will not work if the user doesn’t have a Facebook account or if in case, your Skype application isn’t connected to Facebook.

3. Reset all Skype Settings:

First, you need to close Skype application completely. If it is required then you should close Skype application from Task Manager. After this, you need to press Windows Key + R altogether and then input %appdata% in the specific field. Then, you have to tap on OK or Enter key. If Roaming folder opens up on your screen, then you have locate Skype folder and just rename it to Skype.old. Now, you have to press Windows Key + R key together and then enter %temp%skype. Here, you have to delete the DbTemp folder.

4. Reinstall Skype:

If the user finds Skype application keeps auto signing in, then it can be fixed by reinstalling it. It is suggested that you should uninstall and reinstall Skype application then it will solve the problem. Remember, there are so many ways to uninstall an application, but it will be better if you use uninstaller software. This uninstaller software is an application which can remove any software from your PC. And also this software can remove all files and registry entries linked with it. This software can completely remove an application from your computer system. For more details, you need to tap on 

5. Disable Skype notifications:

You have to open Skype application and then go to Tools and click on Options. After this, you need to go to Notification settings and just ensure online option is not checked. At last, click on Save option to save changes.

6. Completely Close Skype:

First, you need to download ListFix. When you download the tool, you have to extract it. After this, you should run the tool. Then, you have to select and shared.xml and then click on Clear Skype names. When the process finished, you have to tap on Clear Skype cookies. At last, you have to close ListFix application and then run Skype again.

7. Unlink your Microsoft and Facebook Account:

You have to go to Skype application and then log in with your Skype account. After this, you need to visit Settings and then unlink both your Microsoft and Facebook account.

The above method will help you to fix Skype Auto Sign in Problem in Window 10. For more details about Skype, go to Microsoft via

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