AI-Technology in MS Word

As there free alternatives available for Microsoft Office, the requirements of paying for access to an excellent office suite decreased. Microsoft always tries to enhance the characteristics of MS Office, and now it is going to add artificial intelligence to its applications as per they said on their blog at AI technology is excellent for giving intelligent ideas, but it can also serve to decrease disturbances. Like, when you’re operating a Word document, there are apparently moments where you have to disrupt your work to see further data.

Microsoft has declared latest AI-based To-Do list feature in MS Word application to keep a record of unfinished work in a next To-Do list form. Microsoft has been producing some distinct AI-powered characteristics to its MS Office applications like unique characteristic that can now give intelligent advice to users operating MS Excel documents. MS Word also develops with Editor which is AI-powered that can be a very important assistant while the writing procedure.

Jared Spataro who is the Corporate Vice President for Microsoft office 365 said, “When this happens, you likely do what research tells us many Word users do: leave a placeholder in your document and come back to it later to stay in your flow.” At

Microsoft thought to make it more simple for the MS Word users who used to prepare such placeholders to keep the record of them. And that’s why Microsoft will build a new AI-based To-Do list in MS Word which can create placeholder automatically by typing

● “TODO: finish this section”
● “insert closing here”

in a word document. Such features allow users to start from the point on the document where they have left before and also they can invite others to edit or work on the same document.

After creating placeholder automatically, MS Word will keep a record of them and when users open it again, it shows the related panel. Also, users who work on a shared MS word document can mention other colleagues who work on the same document within placeholders to request them for some guidance or inform them something important. The mentioned user will be informed by a link and he can perform any action by responding the email.

Jared Spataro also said, “Over time, Office will use AI to help fill in many of these placeholders. In the next few months, Word will use Microsoft Search to suggest content for a to-do like “insert chart of quarterly sales figures”. You will be able to pick from the results and insert content from another document with a single click”

This superb AI-based To-Do list feature is available in latest Insider build of Office for Mac but it will be available for Windows users soon. In Mac OS, you required to have an MS Office 365 subscriptions and then join into the Office Insider Fast Ring in the Microsoft Auto Update app. Also, in near future, MS Word will be able to apply Microsoft search for related content like if you type “insert the chart of quarterly sales figures” then you will get the related content from other documents and you can use them to your documents. Be updated with for further information about any MS Office Applications.


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