Microsoft Word is word processing application of MS Office which can easily install via This application saves the time and money of the user. In Word, you can create letter, brochures, tests, quizzes etc. In this, you can also edit personal and business documents. In this blog, you will read the features and advantages of MS Word.

Unique Features of MS Word:

  1. In MS Word typing is easy as there is no limit for typing the matter.
  2. The user can save the document for the future.
  3.  You can easily modify the documents in MS Word.
  4. The spelling of the words in MS Word document can also be rectified automatically. The grammatical errors can also be rectified in MS word processor.
  5.  The user can change the shape and style of characters in the documents according to our requirement.
  6. You can put Bullets and numbers for different points and paragraph in the document.
  7. A header is the text which appears above the documents and footer is the text which appears below the documents.
  8. The user can insert the pictures in the document just to make it more attractive.
  9. It provides you Preview facility means you can see the print out of your document.
  10. It gives you Mail merge facility means you will type the body of the letters and send it to different addresses.
  11. Sometimes, the user type something but by mistake press the Caps Lock key instead of Shift key. So, there is no need to delete everything or retype it, you should use a new Microsoft Word feature which helps you select the case of your new text. Here, you can select Sentence case, Lower-case, and Uppercase, or you can Capitalize Each Word and tOGGLE cASE.
  12. In this, you can automatically update date and time. For this, you have to go to Insert tab, then click on the Date & Time button. Now, it will open up a pop-up window. Here, you have to click on the date format and then select the Update Automatically box which is located in the bottom-right side of the screen. Now, your date will be updated automatically every time when you open the document.
  13. If you copy or paste the text, then it has the formatting of the original document. But you can eliminate unwanted formatting, by pressing Ctrl+ Space. Here, you can also use the eraser button in Word setting just to eliminate the formatting. For more help, tap on

Advantages of MS Word:

1. Word provides you error free documents.

2. You can take number of copies of documents without re-typing with word processor. This will save your time.

3. You can protect the documents of MS Word by giving password.

These are some of the features and advantages of MS Word. If the user needs help, then you can visit to the site of Microsoft via


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