CHKDSK is the Check Disk which is used to diagnose and repair storage disk issues. It helps to monitor and maintain the health of your disk drive. In this blog, you will read the method to fix Hard Drive issues on Window 10. And for details, the user can go to

Method to Fix Hard Drive Issues with CHKDSK in Window 10:

1: Run CHKDSK using Command Prompt:

For this, first you should type “cmd” in the search box and then you will see “Command Prompt” in the search results. After this, you need to right-click on ‘Command Prompt’ option and then select ‘Run as administrator’ option. Now, you should tap on the ‘Yes’ button in order to give the necessary permission. Here, you should type ‘chkdsk’ in the command line and then press ‘Enter’ key. At this point, you will see the disk scan process starts and you have to wait till the process complete. When the scan process is completed, then you should see the complete report. Keep in mind that the plain ‘chkdsk’ command cannot fix any problem or repair anything. So, for this you should run the CHKDSK tool with additional parameters.

2. Run CHKDSK using the User Interface (GUI):

You should right-click on the drive which you want to scan and then select ‘Properties’ from the options. Now in the Properties window, you should tap on the ‘Tools’ tab, and then hit on the ‘Check’ button just under ‘Error checking‘. Here, you should select the ‘Scan drive’ option and just wait for the drive scan process to finish. For more help, the user should tap on

3. Run CHKDSK through System Recovery Mode:

First, you should click on the ‘Start’ button and then select ‘Settings’ from the list. Now in the Settings page, you should tap on the ‘Update & Security’ option. Here, you should select the ‘Recovery’ option from the list. Then in Recovery page, you need to tap on ‘Restart now’ button just under the Advanced startup section. At this point, you should select ‘Troubleshoot’ from the available options. After this, under Troubleshoot, you should tap on ‘Advanced options’. Next under Advanced options, you should tap on ‘Command Prompt’ option. It will open the Command Prompt window. At last, you should run CHKDSK utility as you do in the Command Prompt.

How You Can Run CHKDSK on Boot Drive?

Boot drive is present in your computer which Windows uses to boot itself. But when you run CHKDSK on the boot drive, then this will result in the shutting down of your computer system.

Keep in mind that CHKDSK will asks for your permission to check the Boot Drive when you restart your computer. And you can grant this permission by tapping on the ‘Y’ key. When you next time start your computer, then CHKDSK tool will run and it will have complete access to the Boot Drive. Now, you can read the information of the actions performed and also the summary of results in the log file.

The above method will help you to fix Hard Drive Issues with CHKDSK in Window 10. If the customer needs more information about Hard Drive, then they can visit to the site of MS Office through


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