Microsoft Office is software which is designed to facilitate easy office operations. And now it becomes the lifeline of every enterprise because it increases the productivity of offices and organizations. This setup provides the application like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, MS Publisher etc. This MS Office setup is available 35 languages and it is supported by Windows, and Mac. It is a bundle of client software as well as server software. To get more knowledge about MS Office just visit to the website Microsoft Office has a number of apps and services.

MS Office Application:

MS Word: It is popular text processing software which helps to create documents, save, edit, and share documents. In this you can do formatting like adding header and footer insert picture and many more.

MS Excel: It helps in the creation of spreadsheets, analyzing data, adding graphs, chart, and tables. In this you can also add formulas for calculations.

MS PowerPoint: This is used to create slideshows, in which you can add images, videos, sound, animation, and also text document.

MS OneNote: This app is for students, office persons, and business man. In this you can create list, make notes, and share notes. You can also do voice recording to the notes.

MS One Drive: In this you can store and save all your data in cloud storage. In this you can do file sharing in a super easy and convenient method.

MS Outlook: This is a popular program in which you can send and receive emails by adding contacts and creating reminders.

Features and Benefits of Microsoft Office:

The benefits of Microsoft Office are easy collaboration by using Microsoft Tools. There are many co-authoring feature in Office app. It gives high productivity and has user friendly interface. It is easy to access help document come in built with apps. In this there is an integration of apps with services. It has a smart look feature, easy management and planning, and also new and improved excel chart.

Install MS Office on your computer:

First, visit to the website of MS Office i.e. Then Sign in to your MS account, if you do not have your MS account, then create a new account, otherwise enter the office setup 25 digit product key, Install your Office 365 or Office 2019 on your computer system, then enter the Office Product key, then download MS Office setup file, downloading speed depends upon the WI-FI connection, once download process is complete, then go to the website of MS Office i.e. to install it on your computer system, then  select install office.

 For the activation of MS Office, open start and then click on the programs like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point to execute the program,  then click on Activate, then “Sign in” to run MS account, and then click on “Next”.

Technical Support:

For the proper knowledge and support of MS Office you can contact MS Office customer care team. They will assist you 24/7 and are well experienced to solve each and every problem related to MS Office.


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